Friday, January 20, 2012

Rummage Sale

Mary did not get boots in time for the snow but that turned out to be okay because despite her really wanting to get out and play, between a play date this morning, ballet class in the afternoon and a pretty decent meltdown after that, there wasn't time. We also only got a couple of inches - not enough to make a snowman, but enough to necessitate clearing the driveway. As I type this, my husband is trying to get the snow blower started for the first time this season and to his credit, I am hearing the machine sputter, cough and refuse to start but am not hearing loud, violent cursing (which, ladies and gentlemen, is why he is generally in charge of outdoor work. The neighbors already think I'm crazy without adding my trade mark "curse at appliances/computers/grills that don't work" schtick).

My job is to make sure the baby doesn't do acrobatics right out of her bouncy seat and get dinner started. Well, one out of two isn't bad. AND the snow blower is now running, which means my mother in law will not break her neck this evening, so bonus for us!

I have also just been informed we are low on oil. Really?!

Mary is sitting on the chair watching her father drag the snow blower up and down the driveway in the dark and thinking it's better than television. Anna is playing with her dollhouse and feeding the dollies dinner. She was passing out imaginary forks, and for a brief moment I thought she was dropping the f bomb over and over, but no, "forks." I have to say, I'm relieved. If any of my kids is going to whip out a four-letter beauty in the middle of the store or a worship service, it will be her, I promise you. Mary knows better. One time, just once, Anna started repeating one of my "frustration phrases" (I don't curse all the time, I promise, but you know how sometimes one slips out?) and before could correct her, Mary jumped in.

"Anna, we don't say that. That's a grown up word. Mommy can say that all the time but not little girls."


From the family room I can hear Mary tracking Tim's movements with the behemoth like a sportscaster. "He's coming up the driveway, folks!" Anna has moved on to entertaining Lily in her bouncer. I'm now typing with half an eye on the screen and the rest of my attention on the baby, lest Anna's "bounce! bounce!" get any more, um, enthusiastic.

In unrelated news, good news, people are reading this blog! I'm up to ten different countries (not counting the referrals from Russian sites that appear to be spambots) and over 1500 hits, which, really? I know it's nothing but I never, ever expected anyone to want to continue reading my ramblings so I'm pretty honored by that. AND my former editor wants me to post entries on the company's web site. Look at me, I'm syndicated! No, but seriously, the new(er) blog posts will have a bit more of a localized slant, so if you're reading and you're from my area, you can check it out in a few days at It should be under "opinion" under either staff or reader blogs, but I can put more information up about that as it gets underway. Of course, I'll still be here, too, without the hometown references.

I may never make a dime writing again but the fact that people still think my writing is interesting is humbling, to say the least. It's what I miss most when I think about the career I used to have, so I am so, so happy to continue to have an outlet.

Right. Serious stuff over. Mostly because, and this is no lie, the snow blower has stopped, Mary has gone quiet and I can smell something burning and I haven't started dinner yet.

Time to check on the husband...

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