Monday, January 2, 2012

Click, click, boom

If I were a contender in the Mommy Olympics I might post something on Facebook like “Supermom took three kids to get their pictures taken today, then out for lunch afterwards, how sweet is that!?”

Since my entry into said Olympics would be laughable, instead I will tell you that even with a ratio of 1:1 (my mother in law accompanied Tim and me on this incredible journey) I was overwhelmed. Getting three kids to sit down (or stand up, or just stand still), smile (or just stop crying) and look at the camera (or past the camera and at Mommy, or in the other direction, at Daddy, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN WE ALL BE LOOKING IN THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME) is difficult. I recommend a full tactical special forces team if you actually have a goal in mind besides “look, we have three kids who were at one point awake in the same room together and not arguing over toys or debating the relative merits of Yo Gabba Gabba vs. The Backyardigans.” (At this point Tim would like to point out that Pablo from the Backyardigans is absolutely far superior to anyone else.)

As I predicted, I didn’t even bother letting the photographer take pictures of Lily in the little outfit that I picked out this morning, but she was a champ for the blanket pictures, laughing and cooing and being generally adorable. She was a little over it when it came time for the christening gown shots but smiled and we got some good ones. And then…we pushed our luck.

My mother in law made the girls beautiful Christmas dresses and wanted a shot of all three girls in said dresses. All three girls together in said dresses. See two paragraphs up and you can imagine how that went. Lily was done. Not having it one bit. The photographer tried to hand her to Mary. Four year olds are amazing baby holding experts. Mary tried. Lily slumped. Her head tilted backwards. And then she let out a scream that would take down the walls and my mother in law and I hastily said at the same time, “or maybe just the older girls.”

Anna played shy. Mary played “I’m too cool for all of this and I’m not going to give you a real smile” but then got into things and took her little sister along for the ride, so my father in law’s office walls will have one really great shot of two of my kids, and one really great shot of the baby, and if we put them in the same frame, well, that pretty much counts as three kids in the same picture, right?


The best shot of the Christmas dresses turned out to be the one Tim took of Mary, hamming it up in front of Bertucci’s afterwards.

Who says the promise of pizza doesn’t fix everything?


  1. Three kids are impossible to photograph, I have years of 2/3 of my kids looking nice in pics to attest to that. Also Tim is right, Pablo trumps all.

  2. I LOVE her dress! I agree, being a Mom should win us all an Olympic medal!