Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Catch up

I had a whole great entry written and ready to go and now I can't find it. Those of you who know me are shocked, I know. So here it is 11 p.m. and I have this urge to write, because I also drank way too much coffee this afternoon and am going to be up for quite awhile. The Keurig is now neck and neck with the slow cooker for Appliances I Love Just A Little Too Much. I'm pretty sure eventually I'm going to find a way to mainline caffeine and then I will be unstoppable.

Anyway, right. My missing entry. I have no idea what happened to it and the computer isn't that big, folks. So bang, bang, here come the bullets.

*Today was an absolutely gorgeous day out. We spent it inside because the girls were not quite well enough to go out. They were, however, well enough to bounce off the walls and make each other crazy, which in turn made me crazy, which lead to a downward spiral of Wonderpets, copious amounts of coffee and the desire to forgo the "24 hours fever/puke free!" rule and just send her to preschool already.

*Lest you think Mary was totally the problem in the above scenario, she wasn't. It wasn't about getting her out of the house, it was about separating the Danger Twins so the madness would end. How you can be too sick to want to eat anything more than dry cornflakes and yet well enough to run around the house screaming like a banshee is beyond me.

*I can run a 5k in just about 30 minutes. I cannot, however, do 32 traditional situps at all, never mind in less than a minute, and this bothers me. I am contemplating sitting the civil service exam in August for my city and in order to pass the physical test, it's 32 hardcore, hands behind your head-elbows to the knees-your spine is going to have its own out of body experience situps. In 60 seconds or less. I am trying to accomplish this and I am going to die.

*I am resolving to find one local, fun, cheap thing each week to do with the girls. In theory we will be exploring lots of exciting places, but knowing me I'm going to forget I wrote this and call it good if we make it to Open Gym without someone losing a limb.

*My neighbors asked if I wouldn't mind signing for a package they were expecting. So around noon a bassinet arrived. Mary and Anna eyed it. I explained it was for Auntie Jess, that it was a present for (the soon to be arriving) Baby Ginny. Mary squealed asked if the baby would be cute. I assured her she would be. Anna eyed the box. "That's Baby Ginny?" Birds and the Bees fail.

*I thought Lily was going to love baby food but I've tried a couple of kinds with her and she acts like I'm trying to poison her. Lest you think she's not ready, she grins when she sees the spoon, she opens her mouth for said spoon...and then she looks at me with what I can only describe as disappointment. "Really, mother?" What baby doesn't like sweet potatoes?

*I did our taxes last night. We're getting a decent return. It's immediately going to bills. I got a Target gift card as a tip after a party I ran and spent some of it on toothpaste and  kids' body wash.

Being a grown up is so exciting.

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