Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Kim, circa 2006

'Cause you never. will. again.

Over the past few days this awesome video (opens in new window) has been circulating Facebook. Essentially, the producers of the video asked moms what they would say to their pre-children selves if they could go back for a moment. Of course I want to tell former me to enjoy my comparatively thin physique. I want to say that I won't know what love is until I see Mary, and then Anna, and then Lily. But those sentiments are already in the video. Here are some that may not have made the cut but are just as important. ;)

So without further delay (crappy photos are a result of my lack of time intentional):

That's a meal, right?

She *so* does, too!

"Here, hon, hold this and don't look at it."


"You never liked that sofa anyway."

What are yours?

1 comment:

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    If it can break that it will be broken

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