Thursday, January 5, 2012

Forgive me, Blogger, for I have sinned...

It has been seven days since my last confession. Okay, this is a total cop out entry because my mind is not working in short, witty paragraphs at the moment. So instead you get bullets.

I confess...

  • I know darn well that it is going to be impossible to go from my dark brown natural color to Marcia Cross red outside of an expensive salon trip, but that doesn't stop me from trying via Loreal. Every attempt that doesn't burn my scalp or cause my hair to fall out only serves as encouragement. (Bonus confession: the noxious fumes emitting from my head as I type this may be why I can't write in paragraphs. That, and I'm working on a 25 minute timeline before it's time to cool rinse! Ah, the glamour.)
  • That while the pic to your right looks adorable and sweet, Anna had been walking around with that pacifier in her mouth all afternoon and I still allowed her to do it. Anna hasn't had a pacifier since she was under a year old.
  • That this morning, lacking a nutritious snack and any kind of motivation to load three kids into the car for a 15 minute trip to Shaw's in freezing weather, I let the older girls eat dry Marshmallow Mateys (that's Lucky Charms for the poor budget conscious) like popcorn.
  • That I have totally convinced Mary that carrots are a dessert. I don't even have to buy the expensive little baby carrots because she latched on to the word "baby" and insists on "big girl carrots" now, which are about $2 a bag cheaper.
  • That even though I have a Keurig, when my friend offered to drop me off a coffee from Dunkin Donuts, my immediate response was "absolutely!" Because I have problems. But so does everyone else in the state, as evidenced by the fact that there are forty-six locations within a five mile radius of my ZIP code. Eight of them are open 24 hours.
  • That some days, I start counting the hours until bedtime right after nap time ends.
  • That I am ridiculously excited to start rehearsals for a musical next week. It's going to be tough, and time consuming, and the last time I did a show was five years ago and I turned into a zombie and I CAN'T WAIT.
  • That I play "if I had a million dollars" whenever the Pottery Barn catalog comes in the mail. If it's wrong to want themed tablecloths for every holiday, I don't want to be right. Then Tim reminds me it's borderline insane to want to spend $60 on a tablecloth when I make him take an extra trip to the corner store after a supermarket run in order to save $1.50 a gallon on milk, but I don't see how the two are related at all.
What do you have to confess?


  1. On the last point.... I hear sewing machines and DIY are all the rage.

  2. Sewing machines....we should talk!

  3. I confess that sometimes I let my kids fight just to annoy my wife, other times I try to jump in to seem like a good father.

  4. okay hi, so this is Lauren (_womyn on OD) and I'm about to embark on reading your entire blogger. Just thought I'd out myself now. Beware: you'll probably get a lot of comments on really old entries.

    But yeah, I totally laughed at the marshmallow matey's... I LOVE those.