Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snapshots of a month or so

  I am completely ashamed that I've gone so long without updating. In my defense, I am a big believer in writing only when you have something to say - sure, I could update you every day with a random picture and a few lines, but does anyone really want to read that?

So it's been awhile and Casa Trois has been in a bit of a winter slump. We've had a lot of days where it's been damp and therefore not really great for outdoor play (cabin fever!) and a few days where I have seriously contemplated going on a road trip. By myself. Until May. Or at least until the new Doctor Who episodes come out. Geek > stress, I guess.

What else? Doing a show. Again. I'm sure you're shocked. Registering Mary for kindergarten this week and Anna for full-week preschool. I can't believe they're so big already but I am also looking forward to Mondays and Fridays, when Lily and I will have mornings just the two of us. Mary got a ton of that for the first 21 months of her life, Anna got a few mornings a week when she was almost 2, so now it's Lil's turn and I'm anticipating it. 

So here are a few snapshots of the past few weeks in our crazy life.

Last week I had Mary's parent-teacher conference, where I learned Mary is a bright student who will likely do well in kindergarten, who enjoys making people happy and wants to help all the time. She really is a good, easy student and her teachers informed me they were looking forward to having Anna next year. I just smirked, because Anna, while an absolute delight, is the antithesis of "compliant," "easygoing," or "flexible." Mary is my little mommy, Anna is a future Fortune 500 CEO. 

Case in point:

We were driving to school the day after the conferences and I started talking to Mary.

"Mary, your teachers told me you are such a helper with the other kids," I said. "They said you help them out when they need it and are very polite. That makes me so happy!"

"I do help," she crowed. "I tell them about understanding things, and tell them how to do things if they are having trouble, and tell them about learning!"

"And *I'm* gonna tell them about my rock," Anna said, opening her palm to reveal a small stone she had stolen from the driveway.

Well then.

Lily has put together her first sentence besides "NO NO MAMA NO NO NI NIGHT" or "WUV YOOOOOOO." 

It is "I bite."

(She doesn't, by the way.)


Tim got a new doctor and went in for his first appointment. When he was there he mentioned that he was born with an immune deficiency. They coded it wrong and his follow up letter included the line "Patient conditions: Acquired Immune Deficieny Syndrome." Instead of telling me they made a coding error, Tim chose 10 p.m. to open the mail and announce to me in a frustrated tone, "Oh, God, they think I have AIDS." 

When my heart started beating again I told him he really has to work on his delivery.

Mary has turned into a total kid overnight. When she was first born I joined a particular message board and would read these parents' stories about their five year olds and the seemingly grown up things they were into, and would shake my head and think "five years old is so young, why are they wanting their kids to grow up so fast?" 

Now I realize that while five years old *is* young, it may not have been the parents. Mary wants an American Girl doll. She is obsessed with trying to figure out how my phone works. She got a Leappad for Christmas and calls it her iPad "like Mommy's." She has informed me that one day, she will want to live in her own house, and am I okay with that?  She wants my makeup and to use my hair brushes, she asked me when I would let her dye her hair red like I do. (Answer: never, kid.)

Anna, after a bath, looked down at her skinny three year old torso (I love how they hit that stage where they have those skinny little chests where you can practically see their heart beating, but still have a pudgy little belly and baby arms), looked at me and said "I can't wait until I have boobs like yours."

Ohhhhh, kid. Yes, yes you can. 


As the girls are getting bigger, Tim and I have had several life discussions, mostly about where we want to be living by the time Mary is in middle school (answer: not here), but also about where *we* want to be in 10 years, what my plan is for once the girls are in school (answer: I will also be in school, getting my BSN if at all possible), but, most importantly: what we will do when the RAV4 either gives out or gets too small.

Answer: minivan. And for some reason this no longer makes me twitch.

I always figured I'd be a grown up when I had a house and kids and paid my own bills, but maybe it's actually the moment where the idea of dual sliding doors, captains' seats and a generous cargo area in a color that won't show dirt and stains no longer gives you dry heaves. 

All I need to do is enroll one of them in soccer and my transformation to PodPerson will be complete.

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