Friday, June 15, 2012

Today, in bullets

Today I...

*Learned Anna can swim. We were all at my neighbor's pool and she decided to jump off the bottom rung of the ladder despite reminders to tell a grown up if she wanted to try to swim so we could hold her hand. She went under water, of course, and before anyone could grab her she paddled back up to the surface and started for the side of the pool. (Years off Mommy's life: several.)

*Discovered I can still BS with the best of them. My friend's third grader started asking me tons of questions about, of all things, septic systems, how they work, and the cost benefits of using the sewer instead of a septic tank. If this kid doesn't grow up to be a mechanic or an engineer, I'll be astounded. The last time I baby sat him, he asked to take a look at my water heater. Somehow, I answered him satisfactorily. (Being a former reporter comes in handy all. the. time. I tell you.)

*Made absolutely delicious teriyaki marinated grilled chicken breasts, served with pineapple and rice, and became unreasonably annoyed and disgusted when my progeny insisted on a puddle of ketchup in which to drown said dinner.

*Can't seem to care that my children are not, in fact, asleep, but are instead yelling "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" to one another in their bedroom. Of course, they have bunk beds so perhaps I should go check on them.

*Perhaps not.

*Got a stupid little smile on my face when I realized the next episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager was available on Hulu. I've admitted here before that I like crap television, but in case you were wondering, "well, how crappy?"...that crappy. I like what is quite probably the worst acted and most overwrought show on television and I'm willing to admit it in a public forum.

*Am still listening to Anna chatter about how "I was underwater Mom! And it was scary! I don't want to go underwater in the big pool. I want to go underwater in the small pool. I was underwater! I couldn't see you. I don't want to go underwater..." on endless loop. While she pretends to be Rapunzel and quite possibly scales the wall to the upper bunk with the aid of a quilt. I have no idea. After 7:30 I try not to go down the hall as much as possible.

*Am really looking forward to a nice cold beer. It's been a busy day. Wouldn't you?

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