Saturday, March 10, 2012

A few of my favorite things

*Anna, sitting on the floor between the baby on her exercise mat and the cat, who unwisely positioned himself nearby: "These are my favorite toys."

Cat, the baby has no excuse. She's not mobile yet. All I can do is hover nearby and make sure Anna doesn't try to hug her too tightly. You? You can walk. You can squeeze under things and run really fast. I know, because you do it every time I have to try and get you into the cat carrier. How has evolution not killed you off somehow? Also? You weigh 22 pounds. Twenty two pounds and you are a freaking American Shorthair. Your littermate? The one who gets exactly as much food as you do, as often as you do? Nine pounds. What the heck, Pavarotti.

*Anna and Mary, whenever we drive by the Lutheran church: "There's my work!" Yes, my children think they work at the Lutheran church. No, I've never worked in a church. No, we're not Lutheran. No, I have no idea where it comes from, but when they start bickering in the car, if I threaten to have them fired, they settle right down. Bonus!

*The older ones are spending the night at my in laws' and after work I called to check on them. Anna had the phone and then heard people laughing in the background. "Oh, we're havin' fun. Goodbye!" and away she went. Priorities, you have to have them.

*Lily has a tooth. I discovered this when she bit my finger and it hurt more than it usually does. She's a considerate little thing.

(As an aside, nothing makes you appreciate your own kids like spending the entire day with 10 to 40 children of various ages and attitudes.)

*Anna kind of views my parents and in laws like one big experiment a la Schrodinger's Cat. If she cannot see the person in question directly (say, her Boppa) then any building may or may not contain said grandparent, and she will comment on every person who walks out of the store thusly: "That's not Boppa. Dat Boppa? No, dat not Boppa. THAT'S BOPPA! No it not." and so on. She also thinks the picture IDs on my phone are in real time, causing her to demand to know how Mim is with her in the swimming pool if she (Anna) is also sitting on the couch at home, or why Mary is chilling out in Connecticut on the couch with my dad. No amount of repetition seems to convince her otherwise, so whenever I call my mother in law, Anna starts loudly asking her why she's in the pool. It makes for an interesting conversation.

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  1. I asked the girls to kiss Grampy good night, at which point Mary pointed out that Bappa calls kisses "smooches" and that Mimi's bed is shorter than mine so that 'Kipper can get up on it. Anna then looked around and asked me when Bappa was comin' home. I love it!