Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say Anything

Valentine's Day when you are dating is much different than what it becomes after you start sharing a bank account, especially when you add kids into the mix. Before, it's very "Oh, roses! How sweet!" and now it's more "You spent $60 on what, exactly? The kids can't eat flowers and the electric bill is due!" (Also, Anna would totally try to eat flowers.) With a preschooler in the house, Valentine's Day is definitely more about the kids at this point, and the excitement started building a couple of weeks back, when Mary's Valentine's Day party was announced.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I would probably wind up getting her cartoon character cards from Target, as opposed to making something gorgeous a la Pinterest, but I couldn't even manage that, and so yesterday I dug up some leftover red glitter, glue and construction paper and spent the morning cutting out enough hearts so that Mary could bestow loving sentiments upon her fellow classmates. (Lest you think I'm Martha Stewart, there are only seven other kids in Mary's class, plus two teachers, and when you see the cards, that'll be even more proof to the contrary.) I did the cutting and glue lines, Mary signed her name and helped glitter those bad boys up. But most importantly, I let her dictate the cards' messages, and I copied them down for her, verbatim.

Some were sweet, simple and to the point (she signed her name on the back):
"To Ava: I like playing with you at school!"
 Others were sweet, if a bit more random:

"To Miss Stacie: Thank you for being my teacher. I want to give you a birdie. You will love it!"

 And others, well...
Dear God. "To Carmine: Vacuum! I know you love those."
In Mary's defense, the kid DOES love vacuum cleaners. This is a four year old who has actually given me a cost analysis of a Dyson vs. a Dirt Devil bagless. No word of a lie. It should also be noted these cards were determined to be not sparkly enough and got another helping of red microglitter later (occupational hazard: red microglitter in your contact lens burns like fire).

I'm not sure how the party itself went, but at 12:15 I collected a four year old positively humming with holiday excitement and enough sugar to fuel an army of hyperactive children. She had crafts, and cards from her friends, and candy to last until Halloween. I don't know how I managed it, but they are all napping. Mary sugar crashed about five seconds after informing me she wasn't tired and didn't need any nap at all. Naturally.

How did her friends like their cards? I'm not sure. Miss Beth and Miss Stacie enjoyed theirs, after confirming with me that I had no plans to foist kitties and birdies upon them. (It's like they know me or something.)

I do know Tim liked his, especially the one from Anna.

"Dear Daddy, Playground. Air. Air again. That's it. Thumbs up. I love you. Love, Anna."
 Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I'm off to eat my weight in Hershey's Kisses. Potato. Dishwasher. Squirrel.

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