Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little hands, little sleep

There's something about starting a "mommy blog." You almost don't want to admit you're doing it, not in the age of STFU Parents and childfree blogs which mock the existence of sites where the writers extol the every smile, coo and bowel movement of their child(ren).

But this is not that kind of blog.

I am the stay at home mother of three small children (TSC for the lazy?), all girls, ages four, two and four months. By extension this means I am underslept, over stimulated and completely addicted to caffeine in all forms. My two year old, upon seeing the glorious orange and pink Dunkin' Donuts sign, will cheerfully crow "skim milk no shuga!" from the backseat (followed closely by "donut, mommy? Just one?"). In a former life I was a journalist and damn good copy editor, in this one I freelance and run children's birthday parties. If you had told me 10 years ago this is where my life would be, I'd probably have laughed in your face.

Now, I laugh, but for other reasons:

*My sarcastic four year old, Mary, who asked me why our house wasn't covered in Christmas lights like the neighbors'. "Because Mommy's a slacker," I snapped. "Everybody knows that," she replied dreamily.

*My two year old, Anna, who eschewed opening Christmas presents to tear her way through a snack sized box of Goldfish crackers, and then, upon noticing her presents, asked if they contained bacon.

*The baby, Lily, who literally screams with delight when her father walks in the room and has since she was practically brand new.

*My husband, who has the unique ability to bring me to the breaking point and then say just the right thing to make me not kill him and laugh instead.

And, of course, I cook and clean and beat my head against the wall and log more miles on my vehicle than a Manhattan cabbie. It's a hell of a journey.

Join me, won't you?


  1. Kim. I am going to follow you. Your children are hilarious!

    Presents = bacon

    Please make that a shirt. ^_^

  2. Great idea Kim, and nothing beats bacon. Evil sarcastic parenting is great.

    My daughter's upcoming 7th birthday party has an Olivia theme. We are serving pulled pork, BLTs, pepperoni, ham, etc.

    I am embracing my parenting style, I am 'Unsuper Dad'

  3. Hi Kim! Tammy S. put this link on fb. Not sure if you remember me, but we met a few times at FFC, and I know you took care of my son, Evan in the nursery at least once. Well, Evan is now two, and will be becoming a big brother in June :). I love what you wrote here, can definitely relate :) Hope all is well, and I will be following you posts ! God BLess, Michelle Cuevas :)

  4. What? Bacon is a present. Ask anyone. Ok, not the pig. But anyone else, really.

  5. Kim.... I love you... and your girls - who are MOST DEFINITELY YOURS!